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A lot of people are against the idea of touching on mental illness at all in children’s books, with the idea that we need to protect children from such adult topics. I have some shocking news.

Mentally ill children exist, and they notice the way characters that are “crazy” are treated. They notice their absence, and they notice when the narrative supports locking mentally ill people away for their own good. They notice the lack of role models.

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When it comes to superheroes, I’m less “who would win in a fight” and more “who would sing what on karoke night?”

Less “could x beat up y” and more “what would x cook if s/he knew y was coming over for dinner?”

Put the two together and you get SUPERHERO IRON CHEF. 

I would watch the hell out of Steve Rogers going head to head with Clark Kent in a cooking competition 

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Next week: Jack Crawford arrests himself on suspicion of being the Chesapeake Ripper

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